By A Thread: Dissenting review

Until now I have enjoyed only positive reviews of my political thriller By A Thread. It certainly has some twists, however; and that can throw readers for a loop. Over on Amazon the book has received four 5-star reviews, one 4-star, one 3-star, and last week, its first 2-star review. In the past I have posted all the reviews to this blog. In the interest of full disclosure, I repost the 2- and 3-star reviews here.

***    Conspiracy to the end, January 17, 2011 by POODLEMAMA

This book was quite different from the normal conspiracy book. Found it very interesting with enough political and Mormon religion intertwined. How Kevin and Jassim wound up at the end was a surprise.
Would recommend this book to those of you who are interested in a conspiracy book with a twist.

**      NOT an LDS Novel, January 30, 2011 by ReaderMama

I found this book by putting “LDS” in the search… I was expecting something quite different from what I got. As a Latter-day Saint I found the premise so unbelievable that it ruined the mystery for me. It could never happen. Sorry, it was a miss for me. Any one else like me who is hoping for something “clean” and fun, this is not it.


Your thoughts?

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