By A Thread: "Suspenseful, timely tale"

A review of By A Thread, posted on by
– Bob Lind, Echo Magazine

Kevin “Red” Davis is a young Mormon missionary on a two-year assignment in Vienna. Among the countless people he meets (and attempts to convert) is one he can’t forget: a mysterious, engaging Kuwaiti named Jassim, who seems to awaken in Kevin feelings he has long repressed. When his mission ends, Kevin is recruited by a government agent to continue his friendship with Jassim, whom they feel may have some information about a terrorist plot that resulted in the death of both the President and Vice President of the United States. Meanwhile, a long-planned political plot threatens to turn the US into a militia state, with martial law and hired mercenaries set to take control. A journalist with inside information about the plot searches for Kevin and Jassim to help, if it isn’t too late already.

At a time when many Americans are voicing displeasure about elected officials, as well as government domestic and foreign policies, Beaudet’s story of security agency conspiracies and government takeovers is especially timely and compelling. It also adds to the mix the occasional blurred line between politics and organized religions, carried to an extreme for effect. Well-written and suspenseful, though it adds confusion with frequent use of acronyms to refer to government agencies and policies, it’s definitely an engaging, page-turner of a read, which I give four stars out of five.



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