By A Thread: "believable and captivating"

Reviewer Doug Blakeslee of Portland, Oregon reviews By A Thread, the new political thriller by Oregon author Marty Beaudet:

A young man is torn between his loyalty to his country, his church, and his heart is this novel by Marty Beaudet. Set against a governmental crisis, Kevin Davis is recruited by the CIA to dig into the background of a possible terrorist. What I was expecting was something along the lines Dan Brown or Tom Clancy political thriller. What I got was a story about a man struggling with his beliefs and sense of self.

This might have seemed like a rather rude change-up, but I was pleasantly surprised that Kevin’s story took over and held my interest throughout. The suspected terrorist, Jassim, is portrayed in a way not often seen in…popular literature or media…. This is a refreshing [change] from the usual stereotypes. I could empathize with both characters, and their trials make the resolution quite satisfying.

The political crisis was very real and one could imagine this happening in today’s national climate. While not the main focus of the book, it provided a good backdrop for the characters…and provided a point of tension. It could have easily been become a greater focus of the book without taking away from Kevin’s story. This plot point was neatly tied up in the end and leaves nothing hanging, but not quite as satisfying as it might have been.

I would recommend this book to anyone who asked, though…I might give a warn that some topics/themes/ideas might be uncomfortable. As the story progresses there are questions raised on sexuality, religion, politics as the characters move through the story. [These] do not overpower the main plot; [they merely power it] and give a realistic feel to the main characters.

And that is the main strength of this book, the characters are believable and captivating. I look forward to seeing what Mr. Beaudet will give us next.


Your thoughts?

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