By A Thread now available for Kindle


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September 15, 2010: Portland, Oregon—By A Thread, a gripping new political thriller from Oregon author Marty Beaudet, is now available for download in Kindle format. The novel, which is both an action-packed adventure and a moving personal drama exploring the issues of fidelity to God, country, principles, and self, can be purchased in Kindle format for $6.99 from (

Author Marty Beaudet, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, seamlessly blends the personal journeys of his characters with nailbiting action in a story that is both plot- and character driven. Now a freelance writer living in Oregon, Beaudet has also worked as a writer and editor for Publish magazine and PC/Computing magazine, and has been a designer of monthly newsletters for governmental and nonprofit organizations since 1987. By A Thread is his first published work of fiction.

A fast-paced weave of mystery and conflicting loyalties, By A Thread is full of characters who are not what they seem at first blush. Protagonist Kevin “Red” Davis, a missionary about to complete his two-year service in Vienna, suddenly finds himself caught up in a web of intrigue involving his church, his country, and his most deeply held feelings and beliefs. To get back to his civilian life in rural Oregon, he must first betray one of more of those things. But which?

Meanwhile, the country he left behind is in turmoil and faces a constitutional crisis. The President is dead, the Vice-President in a coma at the hands of terrorists. Leadership of the country is in doubt, as political factions squabble over the meaning of the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. The Supreme Court weighs in with a ruling that stuns the nation. Martial law is declared as widespread rioting erupts.

The answers that resolve Davis’s dilemma, as well as the nation’s chaos, come in fragments from scattered and unexpected sources: a Syrian-born working mother of three in D.C., a Muslim chaplain at Guantánamo Bay, a U.S. mole in an al-Qaida cell in Europe. But the key to making sense of them all appears to lie with a shadowy and enigmatic Kuwaiti in Vienna.

Kevin “Red” Davis, missionary-cum-CIA-asset, is the only one with unfettered access to the Kuwaiti. All eyes and ears are on him as he befriends the mysterious stranger in an attempt to ferret out the truth. The mystery deepens and the pressure mounts until Davis reaches a point from which there can be no turning back.

What should he do? What will he do? And what consequences does he bring down upon himself and the nation when he finally makes a choice?

Find out. Read By A Thread!

Also available for $14.99 (plus shipping) in trade paperback format at

To read an interview with the author, go to

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