The Pond: Secret US spy agency

Without spoiling the plot, I can tell readers of By A Thread that “the Pond” referenced in the novel actually existed. And the details given in the novel, with the exception of the character associated with it, are accurate as well.

SPOILER ALERT (information beyond this point may reveal plot clues)

The character Helen reveals that she learned about the Pond in a Raw Story tweet. This is, in fact, how I learned of it. It came during my final rewrite of the novel, just weeks before completion. I already had a well-developed conspiracy in the plot, but it didn’t have a name. When I read about the shadowy Pond, born in the Defense Department and hidden from most of Washington for decades, it fit perfectly with my story. I appropriated the name, cited the actual history of the Pond, and plugged my characters into it. Perfect kismet!

Here’s the link to the full story:

Secret US spy agency used serial killer and Nazis as sources




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